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Sisters with their wrapping paper business


Sisters Sam & Amanda founded WRAPT and have been making lovely sustainably sourced wrapping paper & cards for over a decade.

We LOVE paper. In a world where we want to create less landfill and recycle more, paper, a natural material we all know and take for granted, has an important role to play.

Paper that is sustainably produced using pulp from well managed forests and printed locally using vegetable-based inks so it can be easily recycled... is AMAZING!

Not all wrap is the same.

WRAPT is always:

BRITISH MADE – all of our products are made in the UK, unlike much of the wrapping paper and cards available online and in shops, helping to keep our carbon footprint low.

SUSTAINABLE –  we only use paper that is from a certified sustainable source and print using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.

RECYCLABLE – we never use foils and coatings so our paper can be popped in your recycling bin and we use biodegradable packaging wherever possible – and we are always hunting for more solutions!

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