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AlwayS: British made sustainablE recyclable

Paper – a natural material we have always known and take for granted. But in a world where we want to use less non-biodegradable materials it, carefully made, has an important role to play.

When paper is sustainably produced using pulp from well managed forests and printed locally using only vegetable-based inks so it can be easily recycled in our green bins... then, it’s AMAZING!

Wrapt is a small company that has made lovely sustainable sourced products from paper for over a decade.

Not all wrap is the same.

Ours is always:

BRITISH MADE – the best way we help reduce our footprint is to buy products that are made in our own country and not shipped half way around the planet.

SUSTAINABLE –  we only use paper that is from a certified sustainable source and print using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.

RECYCLABLE – our paper is designed so that is can be fully recycled and we use biodegradable packaging wherever possible – and we are always hunting for more solutions!


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